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Landscaping Projects: 

 Page 1  Recent Pool Area Designs and Commercial Property Designs

  Page 2  A Rare Bit of Hardscaping

Page 3  Complete Residential Landscapes and Miscellaneous Add-Ons  (You Are Here)


Beginning with an example that truly defines "from scratch" as noted in the intro on Page1, this project involved landscaping a brand new home immediately following the completion of construction...

...although within a relatively short time one might have easily mistaken it as residence that had been lived in for years!

Likewise, this estate on a lovely hill setting was also completely devoid of plant life when we proposed a plan to bring it beautifully to life.  But in a matter of days, the entire front of the house had been altered dramatically with the addition of three separate focal areas...


...complemented by tree groupings on the edges of the house and drive (and selected trees dotted throughout the property). 


Later, a planting near the mailbox was added to further "finish" the overall look...

Here is another landscape designed to complement this lovely two-story home. Plant color and character were particularly important considerations in planning in this instance as you will notice the many windows are set quite low and large plantings would have interfered with these.

And, below is yet another, this one specifically designed to offer a truly spectacular array of color...

Unfortunately, this home is in an area literally inundated with deer, which viewed the prior landscape in place here as a veritable buffet -- despite the use of many usually deer-resistant plant types.  With that in mind, as you can see, we installed steel posts and a heavy gauge deer netting to prevent any further intrusions of this kind.


And, of course, many homeowners are merely looking to augment an existing landscape, such as adding entrance beds, like those illustrated below...

(which consist of mirror imaged plantings on each side of the drive)

...or installing a simple series of plantings to liven up an otherwise largely unnoticed side of their house...

Here are a few additional examples...

A  natural walk leading to a border property bed.  Provides a less formal presentation than pavers or concrete.  Also offers an alternative to complement these choices if used in combination with them (obviously, at a fraction of their cost)







A privacy screen/windbreak. Arborvitaes/ Hemlocks are a 
popular choice for this purpose, either of which provides a 
natural and attractive alternative to fencing or other artificial barriers.







A retaining wall of pressure-treated lumber (again, an alternative to the more commercial block/paver look) blends more naturally with plantings while allowing for creation of  two independent bed areas.





Here is a willow that we installed as a very small seedling several years ago.  Thanks to how well it has grown and thrived, we later added a pond (which it now towers over majestically) and most recently expanded the area to include a bocce pit and additional landscaping to complement this whole new focus of the property.



  This sign sat  alone atop a grassy incline until it was transformed by installation of a few mature plantings...




                                                          ...and a graduated slate wall.





The addition of a low tie border (graduated) and a few carefully selected plantings brought this deck and gazebo beautifully to life...

If you like what you've seen here, please give us a call...we'd love to add photos of work performed by Lawn Express at your home to the above collection!!!


 Page 1  Recent Pool Area and Commercial Property Designs

  Page 2  A Rare Bit of Hardscaping


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