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The following are  just a few of the landscapes we've completed since the last update to this section of the site -- which we realize has been quite a while...because we spend a lot more time out in the field than we do on the computer!  Be that as it may, we're proud to share these transformations.

First up is a re-landscaping for the new owners of a home whose property we had serviced for its prior occupants (though we had not installed the prior landscape).  We started by completely re-working the front beds...

...then added a pair of Weeping Norway Spruces as focals on each side of the front door, plus Green Gem Boxwoods to line the walk, with Gold Spirea and Rosy Glow Barbeary added for color contrast.

A beautiful Golden Cryptomerea offers additional color and dimension.

We consider it the mark of a well-designed landscape that while totally changing a property in a matter of days, the finished appearance seems so fitting it creates the illusion of having been there all along.  In other words, as much as it enhances the overall look, it also blends beautifully.  This photo illustrates what that means (except for the utility flags which had not yet been removed, anyway!!!



Next up is augmentation of a newly installed garden structure occupying a central portion of the back yard (at the same property shown above).

First, we filled the rear portion with mature Arborvitae...

...plus a Dwarf variety Blue Spruce, which would serve as the backdrop for a lovely statue provided by the clients.

A layered look was then achieved in front, utilizing a variety of colors -- a trademark in our landscapes -- starting from Blue Moffett Junipers and working down to red Hucheras.  NOTE:  The pile of rock seen in the photos was removed from the central area bordered by ties, and (after the photos were taken) removed from the premises. 

The slate walkway visible in front was then continued, leading without interruption to the statue.



Finally, here's a courtyard at a law office, which area was given a whole new life over one weekend last October.  Although a sizable space, hugely visible from inside the building via large windows, this cove is completely hidden when one enters the parking area, from which it extends (left side of the picture below).

As you can see, this was another project created "from scratch" -- or rather a lot of scratching/digging to remove a host of bricks it turned out lay just under the surface all along the building wall.

Next, we installed a roughly 3 ft. walkway, leading to the air conditioning units, providing an attractive and functional means of accessing these for servicing.

Plants were then added -- again, including a wide variety of colors.  What's more, nearly all of these are both evergreen for year-round beauty, and easily maintained to assure they don't outgrow their respective spaces. 

One side was completed at a time...

... including red rock to border the path, and mulch sculpted just inches away to define the beds.

And, the finished product proved both interesting and active...

...while not at all overly "busy".

Voila!  A perfect little hideaway -- quite effectively hidden away!

Well, there you have it.  We're off to transform more homes, pools and office buildings.  Give us a call to book your own Lawn Express Landscape -- and maybe your property will be added to the page for our next update.  Check back!

















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